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VISA Check Card  

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As a First Choice checking account holder you can apply for a VISA® check card* to extend your banking and point-of-sale transaction capabilities. With your VISA® check card you can make purchases at any merchant who accepts Visa and you can withdraw cash 24/7/365 at any First Choice, or Easy Street, ATM at no charge.**


 VISA ® Check Card Security Updates

Identity theft is no longer limited to someone using your name or social security number to commit fraud. In today’s high-tech environment, the personal identification numbers or PINs that you use to access your various accounts at ATMs and point-of-sale terminals are as much a part of your identity as your name. Combine this with fraudulent access to account information when your card is used over the Internet and debit and credit card holders are especially vulnerable to identity theft.

Identity theft is real, is scary and it’s costly.  At First Choice, we understand and are concerned about the potential psychological and financial scars that our members could suffer as a result of identity theft and other types of credit card/debit card fraud.  Although we already have sound card security measures in place, we have made some changes to give you even greater protection and further limit your exposure to fraud.

The first of these changes affects the dollar amount of signature-based VISA® check card purchases you may make during a 24-hour period.  Dollar limits will be set up to $1500.   This limit on purchases reduces your dollar exposure to potential losses resulting from identity theft or other fraudulent card uses.

The second change deals with international transactions.  Due to security risks posed by certain countries we reserve the right to block transactions made in these countries.  Because of this, if you plan to travel abroad, please contact the credit union in advance of your departure with as much information as possible about your itinerary.   In this manner, we can honor your authorized card activity, while remaining watchful of potential fraudulent activity.

Enhanced VISA® check card security…just another way First Choice works for you.

*Subject to approval. 
**Cash withdrawals from non-participating ATMs may incur a service charge from that financial institution. To find institutions that will accept your First Choice card, look for ATMs bearing these logos: Easy Street, Plus, Pulse, and VISA®