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Real Estate Loans  


Dreaming of owning your home, but not sure you can make a go of it?
You'll never know if you might qualify for a mortgage if you don't try. First Choice offers different types of programs based on various terms that could help you. Whether you're a first-time home buyer or a seasoned owner needing some additional guidance, we can help you achieve the American Dream.

Would you like to lower your monthly payment?
Take advantage of low interest rates and get rid of that high interest loan. If your adjustable rate mortgage is weighing you down, call us! First choice has several options to help you lower your monthly payment.

A family of four sitting on the front lawn, with the front door of their house in the background

First Choice has a variety of home loan options available for you. Whether you are trying to lower your monthly payment on your current home or searching for a brand new place to call home,
look no more...
First Choice Community
Credit Union has
YOUR Financial Solution!

    Our mortgage loan offerings include:

  • Purchase and equity 1st mortgages on unimproved property
  • Purchase and equity 1st mortgages on primary residences
  • 2nd mortgages on primary residences
  • Home equity lines of credit on primary residences.

A family of three sitting on their front lawn, with their house in the background

15 & 20 Year

As Low As

Tuition, Jewelry,
Home Improvement,
Vacations, Cars, Weddings....

Can All Be Possible With A
Home Equity Loan

 All property, improved and unimproved must be located in the state of Tennessee to be considered for a loan.*

Like all loans that we offer, our real estate loan rates reflect the general economic climate and the local competitive real estate lending market. The applicable interest rate, terms and closing costs vary depending on the type of real estate offered as security and whether we are financing a first or second mortgage. Call loan services at (865)637-0112 or (800)637-0112 for complete details.

*Nonmembers are welcome to apply for any loan; however, you must meet membership eligibility  requirements.