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Web Banking  

Welcome to First Choice Web Banking!

Please consider viewing our current news page before logging in. The current news area of our website will keep you up-to-date with exciting news about your credit union.  

Benefits to using Web Banking:

  • Check account balances
  • Review account history
  • Obtain current and prior year interest paid and dividends received data
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • Withdraw funds by check payable to yourself
  • Complete a confidential and secure loan application
  • Send or receive e-messages to/from First Choice
  • Utilize Web Pay!  Paying bills has never been so easy!

How to Use Web Banking

Access to your First Choice accounts through Web Banking is password protected for your security. To obtain a temporary password for registration or to re-enter the site in case you get locked out, please contact member services at any branch office.

After obtaining your temporary password, you are ready to access Web Banking.  Clicking on the above computer icon will take you to the Welcome Page.  Here you will register for Web Banking by entering your member number (do not include the 01 or 07 suffix) and the temporary password. After entering this information, you will be taken to the End User Agreement. You must accept this agreement in order to continue the registration process. Upon acceptance, you will be required to set your permanent password. To do this, enter your temporary password as the old password, and then enter a new password of your choosing in the next two fields. (Note: Your password is case sensitive. Whether you set your password using all caps or all lowercase, or a combination of the two, you must log on to Web Banking in a like manner or you will be denied access to your accounts.)  Once you have set your password, you are ready to start banking online.


 Important Browser Requirement Information

First Choice Community Credit Union’s Web Banking requires a browser with 128-bit encryption. This encryption gives you a high level of protection and ensures confidentiality of all financial transactions.

To check for 128-bit encryption, click Help at the top of your browser and go to About; look for Cipher Strength. If you do not have 128-bit encryption, then you will need to upgrade your current browser. You may do so in Internet Explorer. Once you have upgraded your browser, return to this page to register for Web Banking.