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Direct Deposit  

A lady driving in traffic It's 4:15 on Friday and you’re stuck in rush hour traffic. You have to get to the credit union by 5:00 to deposit your paycheck, but traffic is at a complete standstill. 4:30. You haven't moved. 4:45, and you're crawling along at five miles an hour. 5:00 and finally traffic starts to move along, but now it's too late. Your credit union is closed, your nerves are shot and your paycheck is sitting on the seat beside you, useless.

Perhaps you should have tried direct deposit.

With direct deposit, there's no need for that frantic dash to beat the credit union's closing bell. Your paycheck is deposited electronically in your account on your scheduled payday. And you can designate that the funds go to different accounts or to pay on your First Choice loans.

Direct deposit is safe, too. Since no check is issued or mailed, you don’t have to worry about lost, misplaced or stolen checks.

Ask your employer if direct deposit is available where you work.